King George Amateur Radio
Repeater: (K4GVA) 448.475 MHz, PL 79.7
KGARO, P.O. Box 73, King George, VA 22485-0073

[ Introduction ]

My name is Greg Mickle (KB4CFP). I'm on the Website Committee along with Sam (KK4VR) and Josh (W4MHQ). This introduction will NOT be part of the *NEW* Website. Also, the introduction will not be accessable through the menus.

I would like to cover the goals and features of the *NEW* Website with you so you can better understand why changes are being made. I also want anyone to share your thoughts both good and bad with me so I can try to make this website better for everyone. My email is:

I want the club to change web hosts. With this change comes more power and flexibility that we have not had before. The new host provides us with a web database programming environment where programs can be written for our use.

Also, with the new Host we can create club email accounts that will reflect our club. For example, suppose we pick '' we can then have a email for each officer. Like ''. I think this makes us look better as an organization. And we can have as many email accounts as we want. Plus unlimited bandwidth and unlimited storage.

    Goals for the *NEW* Website:
  • Better support for Mobile Devices like cell phones
  • We can have a *Members ONLY* Area where I think we should put our Monthly Minutes into
  • Web Database programs can be written for us to use
  • Selected areas of the website can be updated without the need of a webmaster
    • I will be teaching some very basic HTML skills for this to happen

The website makeover isn't complete. Please consider it a work in progress.

President: Bob (K8EAC) Webmaster(s): Josh (W4MHQ), Greg (KB4CFP)
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